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I’m sorry my legs aren’t stomaches
Izu laments the assumptions boots makes about calves.
I can barely play hackeysack with my hands, what makes them think I can play with my feet. They are the limbs farthest from me.
Of course, using my head as a reference point
Every rock is poop.
Izu explains fossils.
Water is a stinky poo-poo butt.
Izu explains how drinking water when you’re sick is hard.
It’s like a baby book… but someone’s dying.
Izu records the slow death of a balloon animal
What if eating was hard to do? What if all food were covered in hard shells and there were no hammers available?
Izu asks the hard hitting questions
You’re gonna hold that coffee on your insides until it gets concentrated and then you’re gonna shit it out.
Anger induces coffee shit-bricks.
Eh… that’s what greenscreen is for.
Izu wants William Shatner back for the role of Captain Kirk.
You should underknow!
Izu expresses a need for higher learning
Sleep is like alcohol - it’s so good when you’re doing it but when you wake up afterward you regret it so much.
Naps are terrible, why did I ever think they were good.